Born out of the mutual love of good wine, amazing experiences shared with the best of people, the Wine Crowd is a venture born out of passion and enthusiasm for all things vino.  


We believe that people want to experience, taste, learn about and buy great wine, but don't always know where to start or have the time to do it themselves.  Our team want to enable everyone to know what good wine is, how to appreciate it and most important of all enjoy it.  It is through our unique events, our online store and our contact within the industry that we can do this.


We want  to bring unique wines to a wider audience where ever possible.


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Jeto & Sharpy

Scott was never surrounded by wine when growing up and it has been a passion that has developed over time but in rapid concession. In honest truth he was a ‘self proclaimed’ beer connoisseur at a young age who would actively seek out and try different beers. His open mindedness to try new things enabled him to appreciate wine early and he jumped on the adventure that wine offers with its endless possibilities. A few wine moments later and he became and avid fan for all things wine. His passion led him to managing large wine cellars and organising events for an array of people who had different levels of wine appreciation and taste. He has been active on social media as @sommelier_jeto sharing his wine experiences and annoying his friends with wine spam. Making some excellent friends within the industry drove his passion to conduct his own events and share some of the amazing wines he has had the privilege to try with the keen wine enthusiast through to those who are simply interested.

James Sharp - Sharpy

Sharpy grew up moving around the country and overseas but with strong family ties to the McLaren Vale wine district he was raised to appreciate hearty, heavy shiraz & delicious grenache.  With a love of good wine instilled at an early age Sharpy has always considered the love of wine as a hobby. It was a natural fit to combine this hobby with his love of graphic deisgn and creative media with his love of wine in the creation of the Wine Crowd. 


Sharpy is the social and media manager as well as one of the managing directors of the Wine Crowd.  He also manages a small graphic design firm, LC Aesthetic

Scott Jetson #sommelierjeto

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